25 Things on a Saturday

This has been one crazy week – having a kitchen remodel going, my niece and nephew up from the coast, day trips, running the biz in between…seriously C.R.A.Z.Y.

So to catch up, here are 25 things on my Saturday…

1.  Getting ready to make the trip to meet my sis and hand off kids – happy to see my sis, sad to see the kids go.

2.  Shopping with a 15 year old girl at the mall has made me reconsider allowing Princess Fiona to grow up.

3.  Had allergies.  Turned into a bone hurting sinus infection.  Headed to the emergency clinic yesterday at 7 am and *cue the choir* angels were with me as the doctor insisted I needed a steroid shot.  Oh, and 2000 mg of amoxicillin a day for 10 days {cue the trip for Greek yogurt}.  In 10 hours I felt like a new woman.

4.  Our stuff is finally coming from Florida.  I don’t know what I even own anymore and I don’t care.  I just want it gone from there so our last loose end is wrapped up.  Mr. BP will kill me if I sell it all in a garage sell once it gets here ;)

5.  My sink got hooked up yesterday at 5.  It is a serious love affair.  I hand washed the back up of dishes with a happy heart.

6.  My appliances come on Tuesday.  However, we are doing only one half of the kitchen at a time.  My GC happens to be my Uncle Bryan.  Who is a teacher and coaches baseball – so, it is going to not be a quick progression.  I am hoping that in the evenings, I can contribute a little bit to move things along.

7.  I have so many things I want to do to the house that I wish my Courtney was here.  She would tell me either I was right on or delirious.

8.  When I sold real estate I was generally dressed cute and finished out with jewelry, hair, makeup.  I always felt confident.  When I started organizing and doing home projects, I started wearing jeans, tees, sweats, whatever was comfortable and, well disposable.  Now that I am running more of a product company and when I do meet with clients it is generally in a consultation manner I feel free to dress cute once again.  Determined to pay attention to myself a little this year ♥

9.  Princess Fiona shared girl day with me and her cousin and got her first mani/pedi and shopping trip.  She is now obsessed.

10.  Going back to a paper calendar.  Now that my mode is different, I need to see my notes in the margins and have it front and center.  Yes, I am archaic.

11.  I hyperventilated over the faucet.  I knew the style but couldn’t decide between nickel and bronze.  In the end, I was outvoted and bronze won.  I think I like it.

12.  Making decisions for clients is so much easier than making them for myself.

13.  Lillie taking over the organizing is hands down the best business decision I have made this year.

14.  I hate microwaves.  In fact, I hardly use mine and wouldn’t miss it.  However, my nanny uses it and I have to find a place for it.  I am putting in a vent range over the stove so it isn’t going there.  I thought of the pantry, but seriously thinking of knocking down walls in there to give us more living area.  Ideas?

15.  We killed the island peninsula when we redid the sink side.  I almost think I have room for an island.  A tiny island.

16.  I have a lot of cleaning to do tonight when we get home.

17.  We got Carter a mountain bike yesterday – I love that kid.  He was jumping on his dad in the store like he just had won the Price is Right.

18.  I just ordered two tubs of  Wunderfill and 3 bolts of burlap and a new swimsuit.  I wonder if there is an elf at the credit card company who wonders if I am bi-polar.

19.  I am addicted to Nature Valley Protein bars.

20.  I love watching the kids play outside in the evenings.

21.  Ikea has new products coming in April.  I am stalking.

22.  I really wanted a freezer on bottom with water and ice in the door.  It is crazy to me that that would have almost doubled my fridge price.  I chose a side by side and will deal with narrow freezer space.

23.  I will never buy appliances from Sears again.  It was like going to a timeshare.  When my Uncle told the sales girl no on the extended warranties, she kept pushing and telling us we could cancel and get a refund.  Then another guy comes over with a flip chart and does it again.  Wasted 20 minutes of time and downright annoying.

24.  There are so many things to buy and redo that I decided to make a list of $100 things.  When I save $100 from a job, I can cross something off the list.  New towels, new mixing bowls, etc.  It won’t feel as painful that way and I won’t dip into savings for things that need to be replaced but are still functional.

25.  I cut my hair shorter, but the hairstylist kept telling me I didn’t want a pixie shag.  Yes, I do.  My hairs will be getting re-cut next week.  Then I am going to Charming Charlies to get some earrings to show off.

Love ya,



  1. Bev! You are crazy busy! But I loved reading through that (even if it made me feel like, hey – I can take on a few more things)! lol You’re superwoman. (And I can’t wait to see that kitchen reveal!) Enjoy the weekend!

    • Mominizer Mominizer says:

      tee hee Roeshel – we are all crazy busy – it just looks like more when we list it all out! Thank you for your paint color hints – getting some samples today.