Yesterday the news came screaming across Facebook that Robin Williams had died of apparent suicide.  It hit me hard.  Like, in the gut, hard. Hard enough to make me take to my keyboard and write.  And delete.  And write again.  And sob ugly cries at 2 am that only a broken heart could know. Why? [ Read More… ]

Happy Sunday, Y’all

Sunflower with Bee

Well, some big things have been cooking over here and I am over the moon (or sunflower field) to share them with you.  If you are a Facebook follower (fan, like, what do they call it these days?) then you have heard some of the news! We made two huge commitments this past month and [ Read More… ]

Sunday Inspirations – Courage


My word of the year is COURAGE – from the outside many think I have it together, that I am following my dreams.  And some days I do and am.  But some days I don’t…this year is about the courage to really soar.  To not let fear hold me back and somehow, some way encourage [ Read More… ]

Sunday Ramblings

I haven’t come back to blogging because a) I still can’t figure out WordPress vs the old Blogger platform and b) sometimes I don’t think my skin is thick enough.  Yet, here I am in the middle of a Sunday morning waiting for the rain to come and writing.  My head has been full of [ Read More… ]

Sunday Inspirations


Source: etsy.com via Beverly on Pinterest {all of the wonderful designs by katygirldesigns are here} Oh, my you guys!  Did you ever lift my spirits on this week.  If you didn’t read each others comments they were hilarious!  Here is the one that had me laughing so hard tears came down my legs {don’t judge [ Read More… ]

How to Turn a Tee into a Canvas for under $10


We get lots of tees.  We get lots and lots of emails about what to do with tees.  Sometimes there is only one extremely special tee and we are asked what to do with it.  Most of the time we suggest a pillow, but occasionally a pillow doesn’t fit the bill.  Here is a simple way to [ Read More… ]

Patchwork Tee Quilt


This is easily the most funky, fun and fresh quilt I have ever made.  To say that I loved every second of this quilt would be an understatement.  Knowing how blessed we have been with the growth of our little company makes it hard for me to complain, but the thing I miss the most [ Read More… ]

Sunday Inspirations

red, yellow, black and white…they are precious in his sight… Converstation this week between me and my 4th grader: Chasie: Mom, can Sidney come over to play? Me: I have to talk to his mom.  Is he in your class?  New friend? Chasie: Yes, he is super cool.  He asked me if my dad yelled [ Read More… ]

S’more Fun


Tomorrow are parent – teacher conferences. I am always scared. Will Boo be caught picking his nose?  Will he spend this year on yellow a ‘la first grade?  Does Racie read enough and  is he bossy instead of a leader?  Are they on target?  ADD and I am in denial? Oh, the questions. So, I [ Read More… ]

Sunday Inspirations

Source: ofanselm.com via Beverly on Pinterest