Most Meaningful Quilts {All Hanging on a Fence}

The other day, I shared my Top 5 Favorite Quilts and I loved those for many reasons – either they stretched me creatively or I loved the sentiment.

Today, I have more.  These are special for other reasons and I just want to share.  Some of these I photographed at night when I finished them and immediately got them ready to ship, so excuse the pics {not like my pics are ever stellar ;) }.

I adored this Hard Rock Quilt.  It was such a great gift from a wife to a hubby that had collected them and the graphics of the quilt with the clean double line stitching really made it.

This quilt was so special.  A DIL purchased this for her MIL.  She was a widow and each shirt was a golf shirt from a course around the world that her husband had visited.    I kept all of the plackets in place and did a really simple single line stitch down from the placket.  Even Princess Fiona helped ;)

Okay, get ready to sob.  I did many times while sewing this one.  First, I sobbed when I was emailed by the buyer.  Her precious brother had passed away and she had previously had a quilt made that just didn’t capture him.  She told me about the love she had for her brother and how her kids missed their uncle.  She had already cut apart the old quilt and was going to mail it to me.  Well, it was a hot mess.  Interfacing had been used {which, I don’t use and almost got into an argument with a lady at the sewing machine store yesterday about it.  But knowing that I had never gone to bed Tuesday night and might be a tad punchy, I didn’t} and as interfacing has a tendency to do, had broken down and left a horrible mess between the layers.  I soaked the quilt 10 separate times in warm water, scraped off old interfacing and re-cut squares.  It made me sob in an entirely different way {love you Lisha}.

After that was all done, I could see where the quilt was taking me.  Some quilts speak to me and tell me what they want {don’t worry, I am perfectly sane}.  I used a soft chambray back and added in some more of the brothers shirts and boxers that weren’t in the original quilt.

When the buyer told me about her best friend and how badly she wanted one of these, well, I was sold.  Most quilts are gifts, but this one spoke volumes about their friendship and the love between them.  That and how could I pass up puppy paw print fabric for the back?

Each quilt is special, but sometimes the emails that go back and forth really tell me about the recipient.  In fact, earlier this week, a buyer emailed me to tell me about her grown daughter’s quilt that we will be doing.  She told her daughter she threw out that box of old tee’s and nearly gave her daughter a heart attack.


BTW, do you mind that I take the pictures on my fence?  It is really the only good place to get a full pic.  Yesterday, a rep from a national company was so rude to me about it that I almost revoked my contract with them for an upcoming deal.  That, and they couldn’t understand why none of the quilts didn’t have nationally recognized symbols {uhm, no one has sent me plain, boring shirts that don’t mean anything?}.  By the time I got the email asking for a picture of one being sewn so no logos would show, I had been up 48 hours so I was pretty snarky.  After some deep breaths, I realized that the rep had not a clue about how one was sewn {uhm, all spread out on my table – like it also needs to be in an ad for someone to see what it is} and probably didn’t appreciate handmade anyway.  After ignoring the email for an hour, they miraculously found one that wasn’t too offensive to them.

Even though it was hanging on a fence.

Love ya,



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  1. These look great, but how much and how do we get started? Saw a coupon on Plumdistrict?

  2. Oh, and following you on Linky now!

  3. You do such a good job on these, Bev! I love seeing all the different personalities shining through these beauties.

    • Bev…I was “playing around” on the Plum District site and saw the offering for a handmade blanket. OMG — I need this desperately! I buried my son in November. I have so many of his t shirts in his drawers that I visualize him wearing. Not until I saw this did I ever think about creating such a masterpiece. I’m having trouble accessing the Plum District site for “purchase”. Please let me be in touch with you! I am very excited about this. Lois

      • I went to send you an email the other day and saw that you were “holding down the fort” for the tornado! I do hope you fared well and all was calm. Just looking at some of my saved emails and saw this. I’ve started to put together a pile of t-shirts to ship to you. Two questions — do you provide the backing and, if so, what’s it like….also, any use for karate belts or boxer underwear? I have his entire wardrobe so there’s lots to consider and want this to be so very special! I’m up for all ideas!!!!


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