Aging Furniture with Paste Wax and Wood Stain

I am so loving all of these furniture makeovers from Dena at Happy.Home.Austin – make sure you go and “like” her Facebook page – so many great things there!

There are lots of techniques one can use to make a newly painted piece of furniture look a bit more “lived in.”  Here I will show you how I have been doing it lately.  I love trying new ways of doing things, and this technique is simple and mostly fail-proof.  As an added bonus, it’s also a great workout for the old pecs and triceps!

After freshening these old rose back chairs with homemade chalk paint , I wanted to make them look more … errr.. less fresh… more like old chairs.

I mixed up some paste wax and wood stain (here I used MinWax in Jacobean, which will be a bit darker, but any stain color can be used).


I didn’t measure, and you can add more or less stain depending on how dark you want to go.  I mixed it up with a cheapy paintbrush, trying to break down most of the big clumps of wax.

 Nice, huh?

Next, with the cheapy paintbrush, I applied the wax mixture onto the painted surface using a stippling motion, getting the wax into all of the nooks and crannies.

 Now, how long you decide to leave this on depends on several factors: how thickly you applied the wax, how much stain was added, how dark the mixture is, and how dark you want the finished product. 

Generally, I will start taking it off with a clean rag when it’s mostly dry.  This is because the areas of wax that haven’t dried will remove the areas of mixture that have dried in the event it’s too dark or dirty looking…. usually about 5 minutes.  Keep in mind it’s much easier to remove if you don’t leave it on for too long.  But if you do, simply go over the area with a rag dabbed in fresh wax.  Paste wax has a solvent in it that will remove any wax that has hardened.


 After wiping down the chair, let the wax dry for about 24 hours before sanding or scuffing (if you choose to do that). 


Here is the finished product!  I did all five chairs this way, and am so pleased with how they turned out.



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xoxo ~dena


  1. Bridget Cunningham says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been looking for a way to do this, without having to purchase certain brands. This gives me more options. Great work!!

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your technique, I have been wanting to try something similar but haven’t found the right darkening agent. Now I have!!! Fingers crossed my piece comes out as well as yours.

  4. I love the finish with the Jacobean stain and wax. I have not tried that yet. I have been using an antiquing medium mixed with wax. I love how you put so much on the piece all at once. I have been afraid of that….turned out so pretty. Great job –love it!!!! Great color as well!!!

    • Yay! Thank you! I have used that technique so many times now. It’s easy and leaves a very nice finish. Don’t be afraid, you can always remove it with more clear wax or mineral spirits if you don’t like the result. :)


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